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THE BENT CIRCLE is the first supercar club for women only in Europe. We combine drivers lifestyle and business.

Located in Munich we are an unique network and a special private club for passionate and ambitious women who love supercars, performance cars and classic cars as well as their profession.

As a private member club, we provide exclusive events for female personalities, who are connected by the love of the automobile and their professional commitment.

Unique Networking Events
THE BENT CIRCLE brings together inspiring, entrepreneurial, elegant and ‚driven‘ women to build precious and lasting connections and – of course – challenge their driving and navigating skills. Our female petrol heads enjoy exclusive events which fuel their different skills and lifestyles.

Our club is based in Munich, as it is one of the areas which has the highest density of classic car and supercar owners in the world, along with London and California. Nevertheless, we act internationally. The „female drivers lifestyle“ goes far beyond the topic of cars. That’s why we see ourselves primarily as a social club for like-minded ambitious women and female entrepreneurs – who are passionate about high-performance cars.

The Inception
Bente Matthes, a digital media strategist and founder of the digital business and lifestyle magazine LFSTL, is a car enthusiast.

Inspired by her passion for high-performance as well as classic cars and exclusive networks she founded the first European supercar and business club dedicated to women in 2018.